Errors & Omissions 

Accounting Malpractice

The world of accounting cuts wide and deep: bookkeeping; financial planning; tax preparation; compilations, reviews and audits. And the sources of claims for accounting malpractice and audit errors are no less broad: individuals, small businesses, family trusts, not-for-profit corporations and publicly traded companies. 

Over the years, we have represented accountants and their firms – big, small and everywhere in between – against claims concerning everything from improper tax return preparation with resulting penalties and interest, to audit errors that failed to detect massive embezzlement, to financial planning that ultimately led to corporate and personal bankruptcy.

Design Professionals

Architects and engineers often find themselves in the crosshairs when a structural component of a project fails, or the date for substantial completion slips past, or when the owner experiences significant cost-overruns.

Whether the claim sets forth design defects in a project’s documentation leading to a structural failure or the need for intensive redesign, a construction defect arising from a bad design, or a failure by the design professional to properly administer the contract documents, we come well-prepared to defend A&E claims: we’ve not only defended scores of them, but we’ve actually worked in the field and gained first-hand experience of the construction process, from notice-to-proceed to punch-list completion letters.

Real Estate Professionals

The system has been described as archaic, and its participants – the buyer and the sellers – as being motivated as much by emotion as by reason. It is thus no wonder that real estate professional claims abound. Add a difficult market to the mix, and a potpourri of claims against brokers, agents, appraisers, lawyers, title agents and companies, and mortgage holders is the inevitable result. 

Bad housing market or otherwise, we’ve been defending RPL claims since the 1990s. Fraud-in-the-inducement, high appraisals, latent defects, undiscovered encumbrances, failure to correct title exceptions, Fair Housing violations. There is no shortage in the types and variations of these claims, and we’ve seen them all.

Disciplinary Actions

Our representation of licensed professionals also includes the representation of insurance producers, accountants, physicians and other licensed professionals before the Illinois Department of Insurance, the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR), FINRA and other regulatory agencies.